French celebrate Nobel

October 18, 2014

Jean Tirole, the distinguished French economist, was awarded the economics Nobel on Monday. It was a great day for economics and, of course, for France. The following messages of congratulations were collected from French sources by Axelle Ferriere:  

  • Another one who has succumbed to American propaganda and comes back to teach us the proper way of thinking from Uncle Sam! We must stop the propaganda! We already have Hollywood, that was imposed on France
    by the Marshall Plan!
  • This “great” “economist”, did he predict the 2008 financial crisis? On what date, did he say, is the next inevitable crisis that will permanently ruin the entire planet? Hello? Professor Calculus? The whole world is waiting for your analysis!
  • Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries.
  • As always, the recipient is a neoliberal [ie, conservative]. But he is also one of the main proponents, in France, of the takeover by the financial world of leading research universities. Who are his real employers? Axa and BNP who pay his salary at the famous “Toulouse School of Economics”!!
  • No, the “Nobel Prize in Economics” does not exist! That’s why it always comes back to an (ultra) orthodox liberal [ie, conservative] economist.
  • He wants to reform the “labor market.” But we are human beings!!

For Tirole’s work, see here, herehere, and here..


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