Data ideas wanted

June 3, 2014

I’m thinking of teaching a new course, which would involve writing Python* programs to explore interesting datasets. If you run across good examples, please let me know, either in the comments or by email ( Thanks in advance.

*Python is a beautiful high-level programming language, which means it’s easier to use than (say) C++ or Java. It’s also as close as you’ll find to an industry standard: lots of people use it, in finance, consulting, etc. And it’s named for Monty Python, so you know they have a sense of humor.


2 Responses to “Data ideas wanted”

  1. Andrew Stak Says:

    While going for my pre-Stern CS degree, I did a python project involving the Million Song Dataset which is made publicly available by the other NYC college that shall not be named… It was pretty fun and easy to use, highly recommended…

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