Piketty highlights

May 27, 2014

I passed saturation with Piketty mania some time ago, so I was pleased to see old friend Bill Watson pick out the highlights and spare me reading it. Bill quotes from the source:  

  • I was vaccinated for life against the conventional but lazy rhetoric of anticapitalism, some of which simply ignored the historic failure of Communism.
  • The social sciences collectively know too little to waste time on foolish disciplinary squabbles.
  • Regardless of what measure is used, the world clearly seems to have entered a phase in which rich and poor countries are converging in income.
  • Over the long period of time, the main force in favour of greater equality has been the diffusion of knowledge and skills.

Not bad for knowing too little! Bill ends with this zinger (his words, not Piketty’s): “The puzzle of the book [is] how a person so reasonable on such a wide range of issues can propose a utopian world wealth tax.”

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