The upside of only two weeks off in August

February 23, 2014

Stan Zin passes on this wonderful Cadillac ad, which he likes more than I do because it played during Canada’s Olympic hockey gold medal game. The “n’est-ce pas?” at the end is for anyone who took the Global Economy course

Update: link fixed. And here’s more commentary from our marketing consultants, Brandl and Priya.
Update (Mar 1): Priya sends along another ad, which one of her students says might be the best ever. I believe it’s from South Africa.
Update (Mar 20): Bill Maher’s rant, from Priya.

3 Responses to “The upside of only two weeks off in August”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I wonder what the Chinese version of this ad would look like targeting us.

  2. David Backus Says:

    Good question, I’d be surprised if we couldn’t find some.

    The ad is a bit obnoxious, for sure, but I wonder if it appeals to its target audience. Not to mention the buzz they’ve gotten.

  3. […] provocative Cadillac ad now has a response from Ford. Watch them both, and let us know which appeals to […]

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