Super Bowl advertising quiz

February 2, 2014

What was the best Super Bowl ad you’ve ever seen? What was the product? Priya Raghubir, our resident marketing guru, tells me that people often don’t remember the ads, and when they do, they don’t remember the product. In her marketing class, she asks students to write down all the ads they remember after the game, and what products they represent. Try it yourself and compare your list to the official Wikipedia lineup — or watch them again.

For extra credit, read this and explain why you think paying $4 million for 30 seconds is either a waste of money or an incredibly good deal.

One Response to “Super Bowl advertising quiz”

  1. Sai Sree Kavya Says:

    It’s an interesting topic to debate. I must say that spending $4 million for 30 seconds sounds like a big deal. Yet there’s a lot more behind the picture. Certainly, if you like the Ad the ad remains in your brains somewhere in some corner. Well, as Priya says, you may not remember the product. But when you see the product, it strikes you. The Ad that you’ve seen suddenly pops up from the back of your brains. A good example is the dairy milk Ad, which is a sweet play between a boy friend and girl friend. You love the ad and may not remember Diary milk. But on Valentine’s day, if were to shop something, when you see Diarymilk this ad might pop up and you might buy the product. The probability of your buying is very high.Well, so, in all I would like to say that it’s just not about the ad but it’s about the impact that the ad makes. :)

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