The Super Bowl’s value to NYC

January 26, 2014

Catherine Rampell reminds us: little to none. She notes:

[V]irtually every time a government or athletic organization describes the economic benefits of hosting a major sports event, economists pick apart the calculations as flawed, myopic or outright fraudulent. Economists interviewed for this column expressed skepticism about the widely cited estimate [of benefits to the city] of $550 million to $600 million. [Moreover, any] gains … are concentrated among a few beneficiaries — like hotels or, most obviously, the NFL itself. … [T]he sporting event represents a huge transfer of funds from taxpayers to a handful of special interests. … This is the standard assessment for almost any event for which governments bear the costs, including Super Bowls, Olympic Games and World Cups.

Yup, no surprise there to anyone who follows this kind of thing. That said, it’s a good time for one of my friends to have a party.

One Response to “The Super Bowl’s value to NYC”

  1. These statements are true but there are some little guys who benefit as well, including the cab drivers, restaurant owners and all the companies that offer special Super Bowl buses / packages. The value to me of the Super Bowl being in NYC is really high because I am going. I don’t need to buy a hotel or a flight, so it is cheaper than it would ever be anywhere else.

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