More bad ideas

October 16, 2013

While Congress dithers, we’ve been at work. In the spirit of even bad ideas can lead to better ones, we spent lunch thinking up novel ways the government could raise revenue. I’ve omitted the names to protect the innocent.

  • Sell naming rights.  If we can have the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, why not Yosemite Citi-Park? And the White House could be renamed the White Castle.
  • Sell ads on currency. An idea of our old friend Doug Purvis: put advertising on dollar bills. One dollar, brought to you by Dunkin Donuts. Fifty dollars, brought to you by Goldman Sachs.
  • Put logos on politicians. I’m sure the NASCAR angle will be a winner with voters, not to mention what it would do for transparency.
  • Put up billboards at the White House and Capitol. Picture a scene of a reporter in front of Congress with a huge Nike logo in the background. Or perhaps we could put up a “Visit China” sign in lieu of honoring their investments in US government bonds.

This will bring in money by the bushel — at least that’s our claim. But what are your ideas? Post them below, any ideas will do. I’m sure with a little imagination, we can get through this thing.


3 Responses to “More bad ideas”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Funny post. Having been involved in the selling of naming rights in NYC parks, it’s never a good idea because it’s a one-time revenue hit, but a recurring pain in the ass.

    • David Backus Says:

      I’d love to hear more about that.

      • Rebecca Says:

        In a nutshell: naming rights are always a budget PEG (program to eliminate the gap) in an agency’s budget. The company drops a one-time revenue burst of sponsorship dollars for a specific fiscal year, but the naming rights are usually for several years, making a mis-match in terms of company’s expectations vs gov’t expectations. Also, the public often resent commercial presence in public spaces, especially parks, resulting in negative PR. If you were to evaluate the entire cost benefit of the deal, I bet it would be negative.

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