Bezos buys the Post

August 13, 2013

Interesting news, for sure, the question is what to make of it. Some highlights from what we’ve read:  

One-click.  Andy Borowitz has the best line, saying Bezos “clicked by mistake.” Even better, the official Chinese press missed the joke and passed it on as news.

Competition.  David Warsh gives us a short history of the newspaper business. In the 1950s, television put a dent in its primary revenue source, advertising. That wiped out lots of papers, but left the survivors with less competition. Several decades of high profits followed. Now they’re facing the same challenge only more, as advertising revenue moves to the internet, namely Google.

Bezos. There’s no question Amazon has been one of the great successes of our time, but can Bezos do the same for newspapers? Jean-Louis Gassee suggests that Amazon’s maniacal focus on customers might be a good thing for a newspaper, too. He also notes that Bezos, unlike Jobs, has yet to be “tempered by failure.”

Like everyone else, we’ll be watching with interest.     

One Response to “Bezos buys the Post”

  1. Glenn Okun Says:

    This is a classic example of a value investing strategy. It is a wager on superior implementation of content redistribution through digital media channels– and a cheap bet (on branded content) to boot.

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