Not the Onion: The waffle taco

August 7, 2013

Stan Zin sends news that Taco Bell is experimenting with a “waffle taco.” Which got us wondering: How hard is it to think up new fast food products? And how long before we see Glenn Okun eating one?

4 Responses to “Not the Onion: The waffle taco”

  1. richard freedman Says:

    Stan is well known for his thorough research concerning all fast foods. Please look at him if you do not believe me. What chance does poor Glenn have with Stan having a head start?

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I’d love to see this post expanded to explain the economic impact of the Doritos taco–with Prof. Galloway weighing in on the branding aspects.

  3. I’ll have to get back to you as I’m deep frying Twinkies.

    Scott (Galloway)

  4. […] From Joe Foudy, who says the food in Singapore is great, but they don’t have Lay’s Chicken & Waffle flavor potato chips. One fan on Amazon say:s “They taste just like fried chicken and waffles!” (I’m still waiting for that to sink in.) We may need a waffle-off with the waffle taco. […]

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