Computer code is today’s lingua franca

July 17, 2013

Computer scientist Michael Mitzenmacher made that comment, quoting a student. His point? To be an educated person in today’s world, you should learn a computer language — you should know how to code. It’s also an increasingly valuable skill in the business world, one that can open doors for you in finance, consulting, marketing, and other careers. You don’t need to be a professional programmer for this to be valuable. 

If you peaked at Excel, we have an idea: teach yourself Python this summer. It’s a free open source language with a large network of users in lots of areas, including business. It’s a high-level language, meaning it does most of the work for you, but is nevertheless capable of all kinds of things, from data capture to data analysis and graphics. For more, see the guide at the bottom of this page. We think this could be the best summer project you’ve ever done. Even better, do it with a friend.


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