Advice for students

June 28, 2013

Some entertainment from our GSAS colleague Ariel Rubinstein, passed on by Gian Luca Clementi, who is still in mourning over Italy’s loss. Ariel is an incredibly imaginative economist, and also something of an iconoclast, as you’ll see from these comments he made at a reception for NYU students. The audience was economics PhD students, but the comments have more general relevance. My favorites:

  • Q: What do you recommend wearing to a job interview? A: I would argue that wearing jeans and a t-shirt is your dominant strategy. If you are good, then a department that will not give you a job because of your “sloppy” appearance does not deserve to have you. If you are mediocre, then there are many other candidates like you and dressing casually is the only way for you to get noticed.
  • Q: Is it a good time to become an economist? A: Absolutely. Economics has never been in a worse state. This is unfortunate for humanity but fortunate for you.

Complete transcript here.


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