Data Science and Business Analytics at NYU

May 29, 2013

Quantitative methods have been a strength at NYU since Richard Courant established what is now the Courant Institute. Courant was a student of the legendary mathematician David Hilbert, but is best known for collecting a world-class group of mathematicians interested in applied problems. We’re now building on that foundation to create some truly novel educational programs, including:

  • An MS in Data Science kicks off this fall, drawing on faculty all over NYU. My understanding is that the core course will be taught by the talented singer-guitarist Foster Provost.
  • We have a brand new MS in Business Analytics, whose first class started this week. Last night I joined them for a terrific talk by Michael Flowers, the Chief Analytics Officer for the City of New York. (Yes, there apparently is someone with that title.) One of the things I found interesting was the tight connection between data and actions: his goal is to show city agencies how to target their resources more effectively. Examples at the link.

My understanding is that many of these courses are available — now — to MBA students and, with permission, ambitious undergrads.

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  1. […] panelists included Michael Flowers, the Chief Analytics Office of the City of New York, who was kind enough to drop by Stern last week to speak to the inaugural class of Master of Science in Business […]

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