Is FRED the iTunes of macroeconomic data?

May 21, 2013

Our Global Economy students know that the St Louis Fed’s FRED is our favorite source of data: easy access, graphics, iPad and Excel add-ins — what more could you want? Well, they’re working on it. World Bank data? OECD data? That and more could be coming our way soon.

Which got us thinking. If FRED becomes the source of choice — the iTunes, so to speak, of the business — would it make sense for private data producers to post some of their data there? Should S&P post some of its data on FRED to reach a broader audience? Bloomberg? What would you do if you ran a data company? What would you do if you ran FRED?


2 Responses to “Is FRED the iTunes of macroeconomic data?”

  1. Aidan T Says:

    FRED is absolutely fantastic, though for my money it looks like it could become the iTunes of macroeconomic data (though it’s all free?).

  2. David Backus Says:

    Quandl’s really good if you’re a programmer. They have, for example, R routines. But for a novice, FRED’s package of data and graphics is hard to beat.

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